Marked mahjong For contact lens cheating mahjong

  • Mahjong marked by invisible ink. when you applying contact lenses, you can see the ink on the back of mahjong .We usually mark Mahjong tiles on one, two or three sides. There is no chromatic aberration between the original Mahjong tiles and the processed ones. Besides, the marked Mahjong tiles are not

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Playing mahjong games has become a very popular entertainment method in the world. If you want to win a lot of money by cheating in the mahjong game,you can use our invisible ink mark Mahjong

We mark the invisible ink on the back, one, two or three sides of the mahjong. The mahjong marked with the invisible ink has no color difference from the ordinary mahjong and looks the same.then put on a special contact lens. You will see the above mark, which is a special kind of ink that cannot be seen by the naked eye

We can print the invisible ink on the mahjong,when your applying contact lenses, you can see the ink on the back of mahjong。this ink is invisible to human naked eyes. only can be seen by our contact lenses。

We provide invisible ink printing. we can printing on domino, mahjong,poker and so on. marking with invisible ink but still look like the normal cards,only can be seen by contact lenses or Special magic glasses

In addition to this cheap cheating, we have a mahjong table. This mahjong table allows you have a good hand of mahjong by shuffling, thus easily winning the mahjong game.

Mahjong table:

If you want to win a lot of money by cheating on Mahjong, we recommend you to use our own programmed Mahjong table for the game. Our technicians Development the internal procedures and cheat. This mahjong table looks no different from the ordinary one.

Mahjong tiles is specially processed by our technology and can be used with cheating programs installed on the desktop during the cheating process. The background color of Mahjong tiles is blue or green.

remote control:

The remote control allows you to operate the entire cheating process in secret while playing mahjong games., you can always use the controller to always get the best winner hand.

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