USA Bee No.92 Paper Marked Playing Cards Magic

  • Our company has more than 10 years experience at processing uv marked cards. No matter what kind of material and brand of cards, we can do better and provide best service.

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Durable and not easy to fluff. Even if it is used continuously, it still  bees Poker keeps a good unique feel, which is more durable than the general quality. Each playing card is pressed by the Cambridge finish process. The card surface is evenly distributed with fine anti wrinkle, forming an "air layer" between the cards, creating a smooth and smooth playing card feel

We chose the original bee cards and marked them on the back with invisible ink. The poker with invisible ink is the same as the ordinary poker. We keep the original packaging appearance and playing cards,

How to use:
When you put on our contact lenses, you can see the mark behind the poker, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Without our special contact lenses , no one else would be able to see the difference or the invisible mark.
However, when you wear contact lenses, you can see invisible marks on the back of the card, as well as numbers and suits. This way, you can know the opponent's cards and predict the outcome of the poker game. It's very useful to know what cards your opponent has, so choose a card with a bee tag and always win!

1. What we have?
A. Magic invisible glasses help you to see another world in poker games;
B.  poker analyzer help you easy win in playing Texas hold em, omaha and any kinds of poker playing game;
C. Remote control any dice when you gamble with dices;
D. Ghost hand to exchange or hide cards when playing;
2. What we can do?
A. We can help you win 100% in all poker playing games;
B. To know the result of winning hand before the game;
C. We can tell 52 cards before deal in one second;
D. To have better winning hand;
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