Fournier 2818 Magic Poker x ray lens for invisible ink Plastic playing cards

Fournier poker can see it in casinos all over the world: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, London Ritz Club ... Fournier 2818 undergoes 12 strict quality controls and is made of top-quality plastic. The quality is great and there are no printing defects.

fournier 2818 printed the invisible ink on the side of the poker and you can scanned the invisible barcode by the poker analyzer. then you can know who is the winner or other information. without our analyzer scanning, you ca n't see the barcode or find the difference. this kind of invisible ink is invisible to the naked eye, and even special contact lenses cannot be found.

We can print the invisible ink mark on the back of the poker. This invisible mark can be seen by our special contact lenses. The mark is invisible to the naked eye. In order not to attract the player ’s attention, our packaging and poker are kept the same as the original factory.

We have many years of experience in processing invisible marks. Our company has high-tech technology and provides the best service, no matter which material and brand of playing cards are used. Our company has chosen 100% original Fournier playing cards and processed cards with invisible ink. We provide customers with the best service and quality products.

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