GYT playing cards marked card for poker win


We can mark the invisible ink on the back of the poker. The invisible ink is invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen by wearing our contact lenses.

Analyzer's  camera marked card:
We can mark the invisible ink barcode on the side of the poker for the poker analyzer, you can use the poker camera and scanning camera to scan it, you can get the winner from the headset or vibrator, let yourself have a good card or other information You want

poker camera marked card:
They can also be painted on the back of playing cards for laser cameras, poker cameras. This ink is invisible to the naked eye and UV contact lenses. They will be of good quality for marking cards.

Moreover, they can also be marked as different invisible inks (such as blue camera, infrared camera, orange camera, laser camera, high-definition camera and so on) using different styles of invisible ink.

They are ideal for marking invisible ink barcodes on the sides of the cards for scanning by spy cameras (such as watches, lighters, car keys, cell phone cameras, poker cameras, etc.), and then the poker analyzer will analyze the barcode and tell you who is the winner Any news you want

What we can do?
A. We can help you win 100% in all poker playing games;
B. To know the result of winning hand before the game;
C. We can tell 52 cards before deal in one second;
D. To have better winning hand;

B——How to use:
bring contact lenses or Magic glasses to see hidden poker marks, a brand new product that can help you win

gyt plastic playing cards are marked with invisible ink.from the appearance,the marked cards are the same as the normal cards,so nobody will find the difference.with this amazing and incredible ink, the players can see the cards of opponents and know the result of poker games or other games when they wear our special contact lenses and perspective glasses.


marked cardMarked Cards Poker

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