playing card -Use contact lenses to see invisible ink marks

  • The back of the marked playing card is printed with a layer of special material invisible to the naked eye. Wearing contact lenses, you can see the invisible ink and recognize each card from the mark on the back of the playing card

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 Perspective poker is based on ordinary playing cards, which is also called invisible ink marking poker. The original playing cards are printed with a layer of special material, it invisible to human eyes, which is not as complicated as imagined. A deck of cards after such processing can recognize the each card from the invisible mark on the back of the card, but you need to wear perspective contact lenses to really see the invisible ink.
I believe many friends have seen the God of gamblers movie, through this type of movie, many will be very clear about the cheating on the poker field. In the movie scene, we can see that many casinos are installed with very strong monitoring, as well as various high-tech poker products. For example, invisible ink playing cards, induction dice, playing card analyzer and other products. It is said that art comes from life, so does film. The high-tech cards in the God of gamblers movies also come from life. These high-tech cards are very popular in the market now. So what is the most popular high-tech brand products now? Let's introduce it to you by cycheatpoker.
Now the more popular product in the market is playing card perspective contact lens. Compared with the previous products, this brand product is very different. With the advent of this playing card single player operation analyzer, we bid farewell to the era of putting things on the desktop. When we use this product, we don't need to put anything on the desktop, and it doesn't need fixed-point positioning. It can clearly see the disordered cards, warped cards, near cards, far cards, new and old cards one by one. Visible range is very large, clarity is very good, this poker perspective contact lens greatly increases the user's winning rate, and the concealment and other aspects are also greatly increased.
Detailed introduction of Perspective poker
Q1: what is printed on the surface of Perspective poker? Can't our naked eye really see the so-called special mark?
A1: Yes, we can't see the poker mark directly with our naked eyes, because this kind of mark is a kind of invisible liquid medicine for the visible range of our naked eyes - its name is transparent fluorescent developer. This developing water is a kind of chemical liquid medicine, which has been developed by the Technology Department of white light perspective series for a long time
It's made by R & D.
Q2: is that a printing press?
A2: Well, this kind of machine belongs to the printing press, which is a special customized version of the printing press.
Q3: what's the mark on the back of Perspective poker? You can use fluorescent potion (i.e. poker potion mark code)
A3: Perspective poker processing machine, according to the parameter setting, makes various patterns on the playing cards, including pictographic characters, capital English letters, Arabic characters and other characters.
Usually, if there is no special requirement for customization, hieroglyphic characters and Arabic characters represent the number / size of playing cards (for example, when you see the mark on the back with perspective contact lens, it is 10, a, 3 It means that the number of points in poker is 10, a, 3...) The other characters are the corresponding suit (e.g. circle, three ,Angle symbol, thick horizontal bar, fork).
Of course, the mark styles of playing cards are not all the same, and the specific mark designer will decide according to the card type. Here are some styles of playing cards. You can see them Single color, partial red card type: four corners small character Perspective poker
Miscellaneous pattern, black / dark card type: Perspective poker with big characters in the middle
Customized card type: Plastic Perspective poker, billboard Perspective poker,Advanced problem,Perspective of poker effect
Q4: why is the effect of Perspective poker clear and fuzzy?
A4: whether the invisible mark of a playing card is clear or not is closely related to the material of the playing card, the color and grain on the back, that is, the effect of each playing card is different.
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